Space Brains


Space Brains is a fortnightly podcast that discusses what is good and what is great about science fiction movies.
Hosts Surrey Hughes and Mark Regan love science fiction films and aim to share that love with the audience. This is not a show that dishes dirt or talks to a negative point.
Space Brains was conceived, like all good things, on the spur of the moment. The Space Brains were chatting online about how they would like to be more involved in creative works and collaborate. Given a shared love of science fiction and movies, a podcast seemed obvious.



‘Science-brain’ Surrey, is a published author and IT professional. Not only is he passionate about science fiction but also science fact. Each episode Surrey presents his take on how real-life science may meet science fiction.



 ‘Cinema-brain’ Mark, is a filmmaker and media teacher. Mark has a drive for film-making technical excellence and storytelling that combines with his love of science fiction every episode. He discusses and examines the themes and techniques used in each film to enlighten and delight.

The podcast explores classic, recent, blockbuster and cult films. The hosts occasionally interview special guests such as Hamad AlSarraf who wrote and directed “In Paradox” and Luke Sparke, writer/director of “Occupation” and “Occupation: Rainfall”.
The space brains are from a wondrous and heart-warming part of the galaxy and hence they joy-watch. This means when they watch science fiction films, they deliberately look for the positives and try to get the most from the experience they can.
Space Brains began in 2019. All episodes are recorded, edited and published in Mandurah, Western Australia.